How to Add and Remove Photos and Other Media in RootsMagic 3

Having photos in your RootsMagic 3 genealogy database does more than make them available for reports and charts. It also adds flavor and context when looking at the pedigree and family views. As you can see from the image below, seeing photos brings a pedigree view and one’s family history to life.

In this first screencast in a series, I walk you through the different ways of adding and removing photos in RootsMagic 3 as well as giving some background information and pointers. So grab some family history photos and scan them if they aren’t already, launch RootsMagic, navigate to the appropriate person, then play this video and follow along.


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      Hi, Bob. I’m not having any trouble getting the video to play using the text link or the film graphic link. Perhaps a temporary glitch or something on your end?

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