1. Edmund Deane says

    We don't get much snow here in North Texas, but it looks like Chicago, Ann Arbor, etc. is getting a double dose! I use both PC and Mac genealogy programs, and am a 'Preview' feedback person for Rootsmagic 4, (yet to be released). With all the things on your plate, I don't know if you have had any opportunity to see it. It has many nice features and improvements, but what excites me the most is its 'WebSearch' feature, merging the person index of one's file with a 'browser' function. When you choose the optional 'auto-search' box at the upper right, and then click a person in your program database, it auto-fills in the first and last name, birth and death dates to search the web in the Internet site you have chosen (Ancestry, etc). It saves GOBS of time over filling in the search boxes individually! The 'answer' to your inquiry is there in about a second or so, and if you get too many hits, you can still add more items to narrow your search (spouse, etc), and re-search again quickly. I was able to take a total sample family database [I was trying to recover birth/death dates for those that had none] of about 500 persons and go through World Connect in one evening!
    There are several search engines 'pre-configured', but if you use others it lets you add yours (multiple others) to the pre-configured list [like I have good luck with GenCircles] with a simple formula, and then copy/paste the 'search' formula into RootsMagic 4, which gets added to the pre-configured list – Works like a charm! It cuts my searching time by more than half! IMHO, when the RootsMagic 4 is released, it will be worth the price/upgrade for this feature alone! I also tried RM4 [thru Parallels] on my intel iMac Tiger 10.4, and RM4 and WebSearch works just as well.
    Because you publish for both Mac and PC audiences, I thought you might want to look into it as it becomes generally available. This is just FYI, but as you can tell, I am excited about it – I am beginning to try it today on another family database of 1700.
    Keep up the great job you are doing – we all appreciate your efforts! Ed Deane

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