Family Tree Maker Added to Comparison of Mac Genealogy Software

Mac Genealogy Software Comparison Cover ImageI updated my comparison of Mac Genealogy Software. This is the document I first made available on It reviews the features and capabilities of Family Tree Maker for Mac, Heredis Mac X.2, iFamily for Leopard, MacFamilyTree, ohmiGene, PAW2X, and Reunion for Mac. Here are the changes:

  • Added Family Tree Maker for Mac to the covered software
  • Inserted an integration capability for the New Family Search (
  • Removed Palm from the integration section
  • Included Snow Leopard in the supported configurations section
  • Updated the details for MacFamilyTree to the current version

Speaking of MacFamilyTree, I changed the rating for help and support from 3 apples to 4 and nearly changed the rating for ease of use; I still find entering event and fact details to be needlessly buried. The overall rating is on the verge of getting 4 apples. The major problem I see that needs to be overcome is to improve the reporting capabilities—specifically, ancestor/pedigree and descendant reports. I understand and appreciate that Synium have chosen to include these as elements of the person report rather than as separate, focused reports; I have no fundamental issue with this. The issue I take with the current implementation is that the total number of ancestors and descendants that can be represented is limited to 8 generations. If generations were limited only by the available data I’d indicate that the report capability is present, the charting and reporting rating would be increased to 4 apples, and the overall rating would be 4 apples.


  1. Warren White says

    Ben, I was looking at your comparison when the email alert came!

    Great job in comparing the software available for the Mac. You really do a great service to our community. Thank you so much for your time and effort. Based on your review, I may give MacFamilyTree a try. I am particularly interested in integrating with nFS.


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