1. Betty Stokes says

    I don’t have a Mac. I do have an IPad 2. I plan to download the App when I get more time. I’m a slow learner of new gadgets even though I have been using a computer since the early ’80s. I’m older and its taking me a while to get familiar with the IPad.
    Comment: I am using FTM 12. I have 4 trees at Ancestry. So far it is working fine. The problem I have with the Ancestry Desktop FTM 2011 is that I am a RootsMagic user. I still use it for research but it is handy to be able to fix things like merges at my desk using 2012 since I would have to delete the duplicate person on line to accomplish the same thing. I have a cousin who prefers to use the older version of FTM and has a very large database. He has been adding family pictures like mad. He had an unfortunate beginning when he tried to use 2012. I don’t know if he downloaded the database and then uploaded it again or not. Anyway, he took it off immediately before it got very far.
    Bottom line. I have 4 different sized databases on line and don’t notice a lot of difference between the smallest one and the largest one and I’m pleased with it.
    I hope the Ipad works. It is my understanding that it just goes on line. That is fine with me. I don’t go to the desktop unless I have a note of what needs to be fixed in the desk top program.

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