Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 Connectivity Issues Resolved

I’m happy to see that Ancestry this evening released an update to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. The Ancestry Blog says it corrects the connection issues that have been plaguing us since last weekend.

Launch FTMM2 to get the update. If you’re in the application already just click Family Tree Maker 2 -> Check for Updates… on the menubar.


  1. Benjamin Hollister says


    I’d held off until the connection issues were “fixed” before I bought FTMM2 (previously running FTM2012) and I was much happier with the running on my Mac server (especially compared to FTM2012 on a netbook!). Except…

    There still seems to be some syncing issues. I get a perfect download including all media from my Ancestry Tree (AMT) (very happy) but if any changes are made to the AMT, FTM seems to get stuck on the “analyzing FTM changes” part of the sync. Over the last few days it has:

    – “unexpectedly closed”
    – not responded and required my to “force quit”

    a number of times. This lead to needing to compact which then also either “unexpectedly quit” or just closed with no explanation. At the moment I have uninstalled (so much easier on a Mac) and reinstalled and redownloaded and am sitting watching the “analyzing FTM changes” status. To date it hasn’t frozen, but it doesn’t seemt o be making any progree either.

    This is all running on a mid 2010 Mini Mac with Lion Server, Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and a FTM tree of some 27,000 individuals and 13500 media files (including citation media).

    I’m still happier with FTMM2 than FTM2012 (albeit I never tried FTM2012 on a decent PC) and as I have good Remote log in abilities to my server I can run it using my netbook, if only this sync issue would go away. I really just do the sync so I have the data to do reports, but also to use some of the FTM tools around place names, and the easier adding of sources to events.

    Oh well…

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