Family Tree Maker 2012 Updated

Ancestry released an update to Family Tree Maker 2012 today. Here’s a rundown of what’s in it for you.

Of highest importance if you’re having problems synching your FTM file with your Ancestry member tree (AMT), is TreeSync stability improvements. Those come with performance improvements too according to the release notes.

The update include bug fixes and improvements in several areas:

  • Added support for media, notes, and sources during file merges
  • Improved handling of media during Web merges
  • Bug fixes for tasks, media items, and window resizing issues (on computers running Windows 7)

The update also includes new features including a report, the family view report. It shows the ancestors, spouse, & children of a person in a diagram similar to the Family View in the People workspace. The other new features, according to the release notes, are:

New Features

  • New Family View report—Presents the ancestors, spouse, & children of a person (similar to the Family View in the People workspace)
  • Fact Merge—Ability to merge multiple instances of the same fact type for an individual
  • Support for adding a spouse that is not a parent of the children listed (when adding a spouse to a single parent in the family view)

Report Enhancements

  • General Report Issues (These improvements affect multiple reports)
  • General speed improvements especially in cases where notes and/or sources are included
  • Saved charts & reports are now listed alphabetically
  • Individuals To Include dialog opens with the current person selected in the list

Relationship Chart

  • Father and mother are both included (at top) when relationship goes through a set of parents
  • Added option for using short place names
  • Added option for automatically resizing text to fit

Individual Report

  • Clearer notation in instances where a spouse is listed with no children
  • Added option to include/exclude lifespan in Individual Summary header
  • Added option to include/exclude individual summary on subsequent pages

Notes Report

  • Added support for allowing notes to span across page breaks

Data Errors Report

  • Added option to include only preferred facts

Family Group Sheet

  • Added media for the selected person to the family picture dropdown
  • Improved spacing and label consistency

Media Item Report

  • Added option to include/exclude media notes
  • Added option to include/exclude media links

Photo Album

  • Improved space recovery when including date/description

Media Usage Report

  • Added options to include/exclude caption, date, description, category, note
  • Optimized dynamic sizing of media according to media information included

Documented Facts Report

  • New options let you include or exclude source citation notes and include only preferred facts.

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