Family Tree Maker 2012 Blended Family View

One of the new features in Family Tree Maker 2012 will help you see the relationship of children to parents at a glance. It’s called blended family view.

Blended family view is activated by clicking a new button above the children list on the person view in FTM 2012. When on, the list of children includes all the children of the selected person, even those born of another partner. Watch this video to see Blended family view in two different scenarios.

And don’t miss out on the pre-sale. The special pricing ends September 28th.


  1. Judy says

    As always, Ben, your explanation is clear and succinct. This is a fantastic feature–is there any indication that it will be included in the 2012 Mac version?

  2. Bill Wilson says

    This is a welcome addition to FTM, which I hope will be included in the Macintosh version. In this feature, they are partially catching up to iFamily for Leopard. I hope they also incorporate drag-and-drop for photos, which iFamily has always had.

    This is not a slam on FTM, which has an excellent feature iFamily does not: integration with But they can still learn from other programs.

  3. dave bush says

    Does new version of ftm let me make& print books like the better old versions. have stop buying & using new versions of ftm.

  4. Betty Stokes says

    I think I asked this before. I use Roots Magic. Also FTM 2012 for PC to deal with my Ancestry trees. When I first got FTM 2008-2011, when I made a gedcom from Roots Magic, the media links moved over to FTM and FTM 2008-2011 used the same pool of media as RM but made its own gallery which was in one folder. That was great. So I didn’t have to have duplicate pictures. Now with 2012, the pictures I add at Ancestry are in a gallery for 2012 but are in the backup (with the tree name). Do you know how the media storage place works in each program?

    • Ben says

      I’ll look into it Betty. Thanks for asking the question. I’ve added it to my list of topics.

      Can you tell me more about your desired outcome so that I can be sure to answer the right question? 😉

      —-Ben >@<

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