Family Tree Maker 2012 Beta Participation

I got an invitation to the Family Tree Maker 2012 beta program. Before I click the download link I wanted to tell you. When I do I’ll be under a non-disclosure agreement. That way my upcoming silence about FTM 2012 won’t be a mystery.

See you on the other side!


  1. Judy says

    FANTASTIC!!!! I’ve struggled with FTMM to the point that I’m not using it. Would love to be able to trust the app–I like its interface and many of its features–but for now I’m sticking with Reunion. So happy that someone as trusted as you are in the Mac genealogy community will be one of the testers, Ben. Good for you!!!

  2. Bill Wilson says

    I’m glad you’re going to be a beta tester. I’ve come to like FTM a little better, but it could really use drag-and-drop for images, and the whole interface is sort of clunky. I do like its seamless interface with and the ease of importing information from Ancestry. But my main program remains iFamily for Leopard, which I have read is also compatible with Lion.

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