Exploring GEDitCOM II 1.0 Beta Version 2

I took the recent beta 2 release of GEDitCOM II for a spin and recorded what I saw. GEDitCOM is different from other Mac genealogy database programs for two primary reasons: its native file format is GEDCOM, so no translation of data is necessary, and its interface is highly customizable through the use of templates. According to the website there are five guiding principles that set GEDitCOM apart. Among them are the two I highlighted.

If you’re interested in this how this application is coming along, but are reluctant to install and use it while it’s in a beta state, or you’ve never seen it before and are curious, watch this video, Exploring Mac Genealogy Software GEDitCOM II Beta Version 2. In it I walk you through how to download and install the GEDitCOM II beta then I kick the tires by loading a test GEDCOM file and poking around.


  1. anon says

    Man! Stop this!
    Every time i visit ur site you try to change my quicktime settings.
    Stop trying to mess up my compuyter!

  2. cynthianielsen says

    GEDitCOM is not listed in your product review/comparison. Does it measure up to others as a possible choice for exclusive use?

  3. says

    Cynthia, I haven't put GEDitCOM II through the same battery of tests that I have the other genealogy database applications I've reviewed. The reason is that the program is in a transition from GEDitCOM to GEDitCOM II. It's simply not ready to be compared to the others yet.
    I can say that my initial impression is that it will appeal primarily to a select group–those who want to be able to tweak nearly every aspect of the interface and reports.

  4. Greg says

    I'm a GEDitCOM user and find it works well for me. I'm looking forward to the release of the new version and hope that you will make it one of the tools that you keep up with in your assistance to us.

  5. says

    Clear presentation, but it was one of the first version of GEDitCOM II beta released. The official version came out in May 2009 and is now at GEDitCOM II, version 1.3 (Feb 2010).

    I think most people will prefer the “Default Format” for viewing data rather the the GEDCOM style format used in this demo.

    • says

      Hi, John.

      You’re right. The version in the video is a beta. I turned on publication dates in the bylines so that people can see when it was written.

      I don’t have a license, so I haven’t seen the “Default Format” you wrote about.


  6. Kevin says

    Just an FYI: The trial version of GEDitCOM II is free and fully functional for 15 days, at least.


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