Downloading the Best Possible Image from

It occurred to me after making the previous video, that you may not be getting the highest resolution version of document images when you download them from If you aren’t selecting the 200% resolution version you’ll want to see this video to learn how it’s done.


  1. Karen Glass says

    Ben, this is a very informative video and I’m sure your followers will get a lot out of it. I wanted to add something for you to try. I’m a Mac user. I try to streamline my work on Ancestry as much as possible. When I get to the image I want, change it to 200%, I can just drag and drop it on the “Preview” screen, crop out the background, and print from there or save it in a format I need. Try this. It might save a few steps in the process.
    Keep up the videos… they are extremely helpful.

  2. harringg says

    I have good luck using the Print features of the Ancestry Page you mention at the 1:29 mark. But I take it a step further and choose the second option, image with source and record information and Save As PDF to my DevonThinkPro database.

    I did test with the a document set at 50% on screen and 200% on screen before printing and that workflow produces the PDF at the 200% size automatically. Both PDF documents were 333k in the example I tried and both allowed me to zoom in Preview to full resolution. Plus, the source information is always included with the two page PDF file.

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