Displaying Memo Fields in Family Views

I saw this neat tip on ReunionTalk.com this afternoon and I wanted to share with you.

You can add memo fields to a family view to make them easier to review. Memo fields can be displayed for events and facts. If you use memos extensively like I do, this is going to come in handy.


  1. says

    I thought this was great tip too when I saw it on ReunionTalk earlier today. Big thanks to Tim Lundin (ttl) for it. But as usual a great video to demonstrate its usefulness.

  2. Warren White says

    Ben, another great video! Since I was the one that brought this up on Reunion Talk, I wanted to be sure to thank you personally. This makes my Family View more informative and, without the title, less crowded. I had already added the memos but had not removed the titles. This really helps.

    What do you think about the option of having memos included in the field, rather than having to put them on a separate line?

  3. Marscha Chenoweth says

    Hi, Ben,
    I watched this video and had no trouble adding memo fields to events, but when I tried it with Facts, e.g., Occ – all I got was another Occ fact field with no options. Is there something I’m missing here?
    And thanks for all the great work you do helping us with Reunion!

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