Detecting Conflicting Evidence with Date Expressions in Reunion for Mac

Occasionally, records you examine will contain dates that are written in relation to other dates. You can enter these in Reunion for Mac and let the software do the calculation for you.

I was extracting evidence from a death certificate this week and found conflicting birth information by using this feature. The document listed a birth date as well as age in years, months, and days. In this video I show you how I discovered the conflict and how I recorded it.


  1. Warren White says

    Ben, I have always assumed that date of birth (and therefore the age in years, months and days that the person filling out the certificate) are secondary in a death certificate, since the respondent is not the actual person. I am not sure I would even be concerned about that conflict.

    Once again, you have shown me something I was not aware of in Reunion. Thanks!


  2. says

    Hi, Marilyn and Warren. Thanks to both of you for commenting. It’s good to hear from both of you again.

    Warren, you’re right that birth information is often correctly classified as secondary when the source is a death certificate. To be precise it does depend on the informant though. If the informant has first hand knowledge of both events the information would be primary.

    That said, it’s simply an example of one possible use of the feature. Had I a better example handy I would have used it because as you point out it wasn’t necessarily a good solid scenario.

    Anybody have an example to submit? I’ll gladly re-record it.

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