Creating a Source Type for Directories in Reunion for Mac

In a previous video we created a source type for books in Reunion for Mac and improved it here. We are using the format genealogy expert Elizabeth Shown Mills recommends in her book, “Evidence Explained:Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace 2nd Edition”. The source type for directories is based on the basic format for books. Following the suggested full reference format for directories, helps you and other genealogists find the cited directory in the future and indicates the quality of your work.

In this GenealogyTools Member video I demonstrate how to create the new source type and how to change existing event sources to the new source type. I used the GenealogyTools Source Type Customization Process that I created and shared in a previous article. You will need the source type for the basic format for full citation reference of a book.


  1. Jeff Ford says

    Ben, at about the 9 minute mark, when you introduce the unknown person and add a source that you just created, you say that you can see on the source list. I don’t know about anyone else, but my list in your movie “disappears” after newspaper. That is, whatever you have after that, I can not see. This “bug” has been in a few of your tutorials. It would be nice if you could fix it. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi, Jeff. Thanks for catching and reporting that. It was my miss in editing, not a bug in the software I use. I’m looking into options for preventative measures. Meanwhile I fixed the problem and uploaded the new version of the video. —-Ben >@<

  2. Jeff Ford says

    Also, when you put the page number in the Detail box, shouldn’t or wouldn’t you put either a “p” or pg. in front of the number?

    • says

      Hi, Jeff. I would; in fact I did while recording, then went back to redo it the way ESM did in her example. I think there’s no downside to including the abbreviation and only possible upside, so I will include “p.” in my citations. —-Ben >@<

      • Jeff Ford says

        I would absolutely put the “p.” or “pg.” there. An academic like ESM would always know that the number would refer to a page number. However, some of us in the masses, might not. That is a problem that I have with ESM.

  3. Linda Wilky says

    Ben, each of the videos I’ve downloaded today has played beautifully to a certain point, and then stops. This one stopped playing at 13:36, yet the numbers continued to advance. Am I the only one having this problem? Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Linda. I’m sorry the videos aren’t playing through for you. I just finished downloading then playing through the video on creating a source type for directories. It played the whole video through without trouble so it seems we need to assume the cause is in your system for now.

      What version of QuickTime are you running? What about system updates; are you caught up?

      It smells like a memory related issue. Have you restarted your Mac since the trouble started?

      I’ll work with you to figure it out.

      —-Ben >@<

  4. Linda Wilky says

    I’m using QuickTime 10.0. I do system updates weekly and am all caught up. And yes, I restarted the computer and rebooted the modem. On Sunday, I tried downloading this video twice. The first time I got a file of around 40 MB. The second time I think the file size was about 47 MB. I just tried downloading this one again today, and got the whole video at 64.1 MB. So I guess it was just something in my system keeping the whole file from downloading. I’m going to check the other two videos I had the same problem with (the census one and the book from a multivolume set one), and hopefully, they will work, too. Thank you! Sorry for the trouble.

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