Creating a Source Type for a Book in a Multivolume Set in Reunion for Mac

Sometimes a book you cite will be part of a multivolume set. The source type for a book in genealogy software Reunion for Mac doesn’t match the fields genealogy expert Elizabeth Shown Mills recommends in her book, “Evidence Explained:Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace 2nd Edition”. Following her suggested full reference format for print publications: books, multivolume set, helps you and other genealogists find the cited book in the future. These are the fields recommended for the full reference citation of a book that is part of a multivolume set:

  • Abstractor
  • Title
  • Volume Data
  • Place of Publication
  • Publisher
  • Year
  • Volume & Page

In this GenealogyTools Member video I show you how to create the new source type and how to change existing event sources to the new source type (using the GenealogyTools Source Type Customization Process). You will need the source type for the basic format for full citation reference of a book.


  1. Jean Sebesta says

    I love your help, but help…when I click on the “download this video” on this page for:
    Creating a Source Type for a Book in a Multivolume Set in Reunion for Mac
    by BEN on 6 MAR 2011 Image Source—I get the video on hints for improving the page field, etc. BUT not the video for setting up the Book in a Multivolume Set in Reunion! Or do I just use the basic video for the basic format for a book and add a Type of Multivoume Book for it?

    Thanks, Jean

  2. Jean Sebesta says

    Thanks so much for the quick response. Before…I have entered a census in the old census field, free form text, tried new fields for EACH census addition, and been going crazy…and you make it so logical to create a new source with new fields. Thanks,


  3. Linda Wilky says

    Ben, I just downloaded this video today and it stopped working at about 15:00. (The same thing happened with the video for a census image. It stopped at about 12:29 minutes.) Thanks.

    • Linda Wilky says

      All is well today. There is no problem with the video. It was just a problem with my system. Sorry for the trouble. And thank you for all these great videos!

  4. Shirley Gerber says

    This is really helpful–I’m correcting the few entries I have.

    Question–I am finding more and more resources through the out of copyright books available in places like and google books. Some of these are useful enough that I download the whole pdf, but others I just select information for my files. What are your suggestions for documenting these online and/or downloaded books?


    • Ben says

      Hi, Shirley.

      I think I would use the “Books: Digital Image” or “Book: Online Edition (Continually Updated) citation format for those books. The former would be used in most cases and the latter when the content of the online book can be modified–it isn’t a set of scanned images.

      —-Ben >@<

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