Creating a Database Online Source Type in Reunion for Mac

The amount of genealogy information available online is increasing. So is the importance of a good, basic citation format for online genealogy databases. As usual, I’ve been implementing GEDCOM safe versions of the citation formats genealogy expert Elizabeth Shown Mills recommends. The source type for databases online is based on one of her basic formats. Following the suggested full reference format for online databases, helps you and other genealogists find the cited database in the future, indicates the quality of your work, and can be used as a basis for more specific source types.

In this video I demonstrate how to create the new source type. I used the GenealogyTools Source Type Customization Process that I created and shared in a previous article. All, but one of the fields used in this source type were created for other source types in previous videos. If you don’t have one or more it’s not a problem though. Just pause the video when I display each one and create one that is set up the same.


  1. Richard Palmer says

    Ben –
    Just viewed your most recent, “Creating a Database Online Source Type in Reunion for Mac” and it is excellent. At the end it would be helpful to have you use the newly created Source Type in an example. Shouldn’t take much time and would be helpful to seeing the new source type in use.

  2. Colleen Kennedy says

    Ben, This is an excellent resource! Could you please explain when one would use “Database Online Source”? It seems to me that it could be used for every record on, Familysearch (including IGI), etc. I’m confused as to when to use this and when to use a more specific type of source. Perhaps it doesn’t matter because in the “Credit Line” within the “Database Online Source” the primary type of record viewed and the appropriate citation would be shown.

    • says

      Hi, Colleen. You could indeed use this basic format for all the databases on This basic format is useful when a more specific format isn’t available or warranted.

      The guideline I use is to employ the most specific format necessary to serve the citation’s purposes: unambiguously describe the source and communicate quality indicators. –Ben >@<

  3. Tom Wakula says

    I read your latest message about splitting families using FamilyTreeMaker2, indicating that it was, if not impossible, that it was messy and not worth trying. Based on other statements you had, I decided to bite the bullett and downloaded the latest version of Reunion 9. It comes with 2 tutorials which are very good. Now I need to find more of them, and am hoping I can get what I need from your website. I tried to find on line tutorials, but was not successful, although I didn’t try very hard. I hope I like Reunion more than I do FamilyTreeMaker 2.


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