Adding To-Do Items in RootsMagic 4

The genealogy task list is an important planning tool in the genealogist’s kit. Unfortunately, it’s also often overlooked. A recent article, Keeping a Genealogy Task List, on describes the value of this tool and its two critical functions.

RootsMagic includes the ability to manage genealogy tasks and satisfies both of the critical purposes of a genealogy task list: unobtrusive storage and simple, powerful recall. The functions are unobtrusive because they’re built-in to the software.

Task Storage

There is something to be said about keeping your task list in a different application; you’re able to switch quickly away to capture those thoughts that seem to bubble up without regard to what we’re in the middle of, then return to the task at hand without losing your place.

Using the built-in task list means you’ve got to finish what you were doing in the software before capturing your thought. That’s dangerous because that kind of delay often causes us to write the task on a scrap of paper or envelope back. We all know that those things get misplaced—not what we want to happen to our research plans! The offsetting positive of keeping the tasks in your genealogy software is that it’s all in your genealogy software.

Task Recall

Recalling tasks in RootsMagic is powerful, but could be simpler as you’ll see in an upcoming article and video. Meanwhile, in this video: Adding To-Do Items in RootsMagic 4, I show you how to add each of the three types of to-do items in RootsMagic:

  1. Person
  2. Family
  3. General

A person to-do is a task that’s associated with a specific person. Likewise, a family to-do is one that is associated with a specific family. A general to-do is one that is not associated with a person or a family. Each type is added in a different way. Watch this video to make it all clear and put this important genealogy planning tool to use.

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How to Combine RootsMagic 4 Databases

Sooner or later most genealogist need to combine two genealogy databases into a new one. In this video: Combining RootsMagic 4 Databases, I show you, step-by-step how it’s done.

Download this video to your computer for your private use by control-clicking and choosing “Download Linked File As” or “Save Link As” (depending on your browser).

How To Save a RootsMagic 3 Wall Chart to a PDF File

The ability to print wall charts from genealogy software is a great feature. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to print on a sheet of paper bigger than 8.5″ by 14″. Having a relatively small printer at home needn’t limit our ability to share these beautiful wall charts with others. By capturing the printer output instead of sending it to an actual printer, we end up with a file that can be emailed or taken to a professional printer. We save to a standard format like PDF so that the print shop can read the file without having to own the same genealogy application we do.

In this video screencast I walk you through downloading a free PDF print driver called PrimoPDF, installing it, configuring the “printer” for a wall chart in RootsMagic 3, and viewing the resulting file. Please follow along and share the fruits of your research by printing big, beautiful, wall charts.

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The Secret to Starting Where You Left Off in RootsMagic 3

Genealogy research time is limited and valuable. So much so that many family historians and genealogists skip right to adding and editing data rather than exploring and setting options in their genealogy database software. This can be a mistake because there are time saving treasures buried in there.

For instance, the default start up behavior in RootsMagic 3 is to return you to the pedigree view with the root person selected. I find that having the program start up where I left off last time—with the person and view—is more efficient. In this video I show you how to set the options in RootsMagic 3 to achieve the same efficiency as well as walking through the other selections in the database options dialog.

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How to Add and Remove Photos and Other Media in RootsMagic 3

Having photos in your RootsMagic 3 genealogy database does more than make them available for reports and charts. It also adds flavor and context when looking at the pedigree and family views. As you can see from the image below, seeing photos brings a pedigree view and one’s family history to life.

In this first screencast in a series, I walk you through the different ways of adding and removing photos in RootsMagic 3 as well as giving some background information and pointers. So grab some family history photos and scan them if they aren’t already, launch RootsMagic, navigate to the appropriate person, then play this video and follow along.

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The Secret to Including Preparer Information in RootsMagic 3

The PC genealogy database software, RootsMagic can include preparer information on almost all the reports, charts, and lists it can generate. This information can be set once then included by selecting an option check box. In many cases the inclusion of preparer information is a default, so it will just work after storing the preparer information.

Please open your copy of RootsMagic and follow along with this video as I take you step-by-step through the process of adding the information then show you which reports, charts, and lists support its inclusion.

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