Want Faster Image Downloads from Ancestry.com?

If you aren’t using Ancestry.com’s advanced viewer yet you need to see the results I got when I tested it—sorry, no support for Mac browsers. As the chart below shows, an image that took 21.9 minutes to load with the standard viewer on Internet Explorer 8 took only 6.9 minutes when using the advanced viewer. Firefox did even better, loading the same image in only 1.7 minutes with the advanced viewer. The test image was a 1920 census page at 200% resolution.

Image Load Time (minutes)

The accompanying video will show you, click-by-click, how to install the advanced viewer. It will also demonstrate the features you can use once you have it installed.
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Is Family Tree Maker for Mac Too Expensive?

“Why is the Mac version of Family Tree more expensive than the Windows version?” I’ve read the question in the comments here and on Twitter. Here’s the scoop and thanks to GenealogyTools member Roger, the secret to a significant discount:

The Mac version price is higher because in bringing Family Tree Maker back to the Mac, Ancestry have had to pay to convert the program (a process called porting). They’ve got to pay for this expense and let’s face facts, Mac using genealogists are a tiny minority. That means the cost is spread across a much smaller group so the price will be higher.

We can complain, but it won’t do any good. We can refuse to buy it in protest, but that may simply lead to them leaving the market again. I think it’s better for us to have more competition. That’s why I welcome Family Tree Maker to the Mac.

On to the secret to a greater discount.
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