Ancestry for iOS Updated to 2.0.3

Hot on the heals of the 2.0.2 release, there’s what looks like a fix to a crashing problem introduced in the previous release. I could be wrong about that, but in any case, if you own a copy, go get it updated.

Planning for Reunion Source Type Coverage: EE Basic Formats

The recent videos I’ve done on creating Reunion for Mac source types which follow the formats in Evidence Explained have been well received so I sat down to plan what and how to cover the remaining “basic formats” from the book. There are quite a few and I’d like you to have the ones you need most as soon as possible.

If you have a preference, would you help me prioritize them by commenting here with an ordered list of those which interest you most? Here’s the list of all the basic formats:

  • Artifacts
  • Documents
  • Family Artifacts
  • Corporate & Institutional Records
  • City & County Records:
    • Bound Volumes
    • Loose Papers (case files)
    • Records Archived off-site
  • Marriage License & Registration, Etc.:
    • Bound Volumes
    • Loose Papers (bonds & licences)
    • Online Resources
  • Deeds & Conveyances:
    • Original Registers
    • Microfilm Images
  • Probates:
    • Bound Volumes
    • Loose Papers
    • Microfilm Images
    • Online Material
  • Tax Records
  • International Records
  • National Government Records:
    • Audio & Video Recordings
    • Manuscript (textual) Material
    • Microfilm
    • NA-regional Holdings
    • Online Databases
    • Online Images
  • Publications (books, CDs, Maps, Leaflets & Videos):
  • Publications: Journal Articles Tree To Go 2.0.1 Released

Today Ancestry’s genealogy software for iPhone and iPad, Tree To Go hit app the store as a free 2.0.1 update. It now automatically synchronizes changes made to your tree on their website. The app can now be put in the background too. Other than those changes and new localizations (German, Italian, French, Swedish), it reportedly fixes “several” bugs.

Oh, and it appears the Tree To Go name has been dropped. In the app store and on screen it’s labeled “Ancestry”.

RootsMagic Released

This past week RootsMagic released an update to their Windows genealogy software. The details can be found here, although the list of changes includes those from the previous release. I haven’t teased them apart to see only what changed in this version, but I did see that there’s a change that will be interesting to CrossOver Mac users who have access to New Family Search.

The usual way of accessing NFS through RootsMagic wasn’t working, so RootsMagic have added an option to support it. You’ll find it under Tools | File Options… | Family Search.

Quick Move and Obituary Alert Updates

I located the box with my recording gear, so I can get back to making instructional genealogy software videos.

I released the obituary alert email feature on, so if you enter alerts for subjects of interest you’ll get an email when a matching obituary is contributed or edited.

Never Miss an Obituary

I added an obituary alert feature to Free Obituaries Found. You can now create alerts for a combination of subject name and place name so that the system can email you when a matching obituary is contributed or edited. It doesn’t send the emails yet (I’m working on that part), but you can still create, edit, and delete alerts. Create alerts so you don’t miss any obituaries!

P.S. There won’t be a video this week. My family moved last weekend and I haven’t located the box with my recording gear.

RootsMagic Released

This new version contains some requested features and fixes:

Here are the new, fixed, and updated items in this update:

  • Notes for alternate names now print for group sheet and individual summary
  • Record # button didn’t work on Select People screen until you highlighted someone in the list
  • Sentence templates for user defined roles are supported in GEDCOM now
  • Alternate names are handled in the various Fact Lists (Private facts, Facts w/o sources, etc)
  • Privacy works properly for alternate name facts in individual summary now
  • WebSearch works properly for names with accented characters now
  • [xUpline] was showing up in websites for privatized people with no events
  • Fixed SQLite error 21 when printing todo list for single repository sorted by repository
  • Added option to support New FamilySearch on Macs running CrossOver (Tools > File options > FamilySearch)
  • Adding a new fact on the edit screen and pressing Alt+V would sometimes show incorrect data in the list
  • Can search / select on FamilySearch ID in selection screen now
  • Custom reports support printing and sorting by FamilySearch ID
  • Unicode characters in names and places transfer properly from RM to NFS
  • Fixed a few list issues

Download the RootsMagic update or get it from the RootsMagic News and Updates dialog that appears when you start the program.