Brief Video Introduction to Reunion 9 for Macintosh

If you’re interested or curious about what it’s like to use the Macintosh genealogy software Reunion 9 for Mac, you’ll like this video: A Brief Video Introduction to the Genealogy Software Reunion 9 for Mac. In it I demonstrate the metaphor used for the interface, adding and editing some people, creating a family group sheet, and generating a pedigree chart.


  1. Wade says

    Ben, in a part of this screen cast you showed users how to add a source in Reunion as well as add multimedia to that source. Would you be able to do a screen cast on how to best use sources in iFamily and how to add multimedia to that source as you did here?

  2. says

    Absolutely! In fact, I have already recorded the screencasts wherein I do the same tasks with iFamily for Leopard and MacFamilyTree. They'll be released soon.

  3. Betty Jane Hylton says

    Ben, does Reunion have a report that can be created of possible problems? I'm thinking about a woman giving birth too young, person dies before they are born, etc. Reunion does give an alert when entering but what about when you create a new family from a GEDCOM.

    Also, how do you delete unwanted files. I have created a new family from a GEDCOM to check the information for a friend. Now I can't get rid of that unwanted file.

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