Automatic Numbering in Family Tree Maker 2011

Family Tree Maker 2011 joined the rest of the genealogy software world in their 2011 release by adding an automatic numbering feature. It can add numbers to individuals and relationships. You can add a prefix or suffix. Best of all, it doesn’t stomp on identification numbers you may have manually entered. In this video I show you how to set it up and how manually entered numbers are handled.


  1. Shirley Weidner says

    I am a premium member but do not see a link to download the video. I don’t see a place to sign in. Am I overlooking something?

  2. Tony says

    I’m using Family Tree Maker 2011 for Mac. When I go to the options screen, I see the General, Names/Dates/Places, and Warnings tabs, but I do not see the References tab. Do you know if this option is not available for Mac or if it is located somewhere else? Thanks for any help.

    • says

      Hi, Tony. Family Tree Maker 2011 isn’t available for the Mac yet. What you have is version 2010 and this feature is new in the 2011 version, so you won’t see the option. —-Ben >@<

      • Tony Richards says

        I just wanted to send an update. I just upgraded to Family Tree Maker for Mac 2. Unfortunately they still have not included this feature. Thanks!

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