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Writing Memoirs: Start With a Christmas Memory!

One of the best ways to get started writing your genealogy memoirs is to start with a Christmas memory, a few memorable moments from the past. Choose a Christmas Day from your youth; allow your mind to freely wander, recapturing the sweet sounds of carols, bright colors of the season, and gifts of peace, love and hope from the era.

Make a few notes including the year, the place, the people in the memory, and anything else you can remember. Then use your notes to turn your memory into a short story.

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10 Simple Steps to Start Writing Your Genealogy Memoirs Today

The Plan

Here’s a foolproof 10-step organizational plan for writing your memoirs and life stories. Just follow the steps and they will guide you through the process of starting, developing and completing your personal stories. There’s nothing like true stories to bring your family’s genealogy to life!

Creating a Life Map

To start, make a list of the personal memories or memory fragments that you can recall from your youth. Next to each memory, write your age at the time of the occasion and then organize the list by age. This list will become your Life Map and your invaluable working tool for writing your memoirs.

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